Photographing your little love

This is something I've wanted to touch base on for awhile, since I am around so many little ones for small bursts throughout their life. Sometimes they have stranger danger with me, and that okay. It might take awhile to warm up and smile. A lot of times during a session, I just let them be and follow their cue. They want to sit on my little chair, lets do it! Eat a few bribes, yes please! Snuggle mom or dad, let me capture that memory. Don't stress, we will get great photos. I usually always get at least 1 smiling facing the camera photo, though a lot of my families favorites are all the tiny moments in between that really show their child's personality.

After quarantine...

I'm seeing a lot of kiddos coming in with a little more stranger danger. Shy in front of people they don't know, having a hard time warming and getting their smiles. Since we've been quarantined, this is becoming the norm. Your sweet babies haven't seen many people and definitely not a stranger like me in a long time. I say this to manage our expectations of perfect posed and smiling pictures. It's just a phase of life right now. Your smiling baby at home might not smile in a new place because it's been 2+ months since they've been somewhere else. It's okay, we will play and work our best we can to get little one out of their "stranger danger" shell. Also, serious and pout faces are adorable too. I always will add them to your proof gallery. The less outfit changes the better because it's like a reset, and something I've noticed that triggers little ones, especially babies right now. Sometimes even if mom and dad "hide" for a min and let me play peek-a-boo, Simon says, or just be plain goofy, I can get a few smiles ❤️

Mom and Dad,

Please don't stress about your session, or get upset when little ones don't automatically smile, we will go with the flow and create natural beautiful memories with your little one to capture, either through play or bribes, or even tickles.

Some fun, un-posed, kids being kids, photos.