Hello! Thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your little one’s cake smash and splash! I am so excited to have them in the studio, or even on-location, for a gorgeous set of one-year portraits and Cake smash! A cake smash is a fun a joyful way to commemorate this milestone in your child's life! Take this opportunity to capture your child's delight as they tear into their first real taste of sugar!


Cake smashes are best done when the baby is 11-13 months old. If you want to receive your photos and prints before baby’s birthday party, there is a two week turnaround time for photos so keep this in mind when contacting me for your cake smash. I want this to be a great experience for you and your little one!

Sessions last about an hour. We begin with portrait portion go through about 2 outfits, then cake smash portion! Parent's prepare for it to get messy! Little one sometimes needs help getting into the cake. Please do not fret if little one cries, a LOT of babies do as it's new to them, and sometimes don't like the texture. My biggest tip is to give them a taste before hand, to get them used to it. During the session if little one is unhappy we usually give them a sippy cup or put some puffs in the cake, it works wonders! Afterwards is clean up and bubble bath time!


My favorite way to photograph little ones is in a simple, classic and timeless scene for the portrait part of the session. I avoid a lot of props and focus on little one. I have a cream set up with a tiny bed/chair/rug for them to sit one, then a cute twin bed set up, for portrait part of the photos. We can also take a few photos with the cake smash set right before we bring the cake!


Cake Smashes are $400 ($50 discount for my returning newborn clients) Includes 20 digital images with print release, with option to purchase more.

I provide the following for cake smash and splash:

  • Time & talent, plus set design
  • A cream cake stand or cream antique high chair
  • Vintage quilts/comfy fur blankets (sheep wool)
  • Rustic floor props for baby to sit upon such as a box or bowl
  • Farmhouse bowl for the bubble bath or stainless steel tub
  • Warm water & bubbles (I use Johnson and Johnson products)
  • Studio wardrobe

Parents provide the following for cake smash and splash:

  • A cake of their choice
  • Any specific decor or props you would like that are not seen in my studio
  • Balloons, streamers, cake topper, if they're something you want to add.
  • Diaper cover for baby during their cake smash or a birthday outfit
  • Towel to clean baby up + extra outfit
  • Extra outfit for parents, it can get messy!


  • Let the cake sit out for a few hours so it is warm and easy for baby to get into, sometimes they refuse to dig into a cold cake!
  • Avoid fondant/crunchy/hard icing – babies often dislike the texture
  • A local baker is best and can make exactly what you want beautifully! If you can't find one Sams club/Meijer/Walmart can all make simple small smash cakes!
  • If using a colored icing remember this may stain baby’s skin; red velvet cake, for an instance, will also stain the baby’s skin and it will look like the baby is a vampire or zombie in the photos haha.
  • Bring sippy cup with water, they may get thirsty! Also cheerios or puffs to stick in cake just in case.

Thanks again for choosing me to photograph your baby! Let me know if you have any questions so I may assist!

Photos of my latest cakesmash to show how the session goes :)